During his training career Martin Pipe was long considered an innovator of the sport of racing, revolutionising the way the thoroughbred is trained and that ever enquiring philosophy has continued at Pond House under the supervision of David.  With modern training methods meaning that the horses are fitter than ever before, it is the attention to detail that can make the difference between winning and losing on the racecourse.

At Pond House we have a number of ‘Woodland’ boxes designed to help relax the horses when not exercising on the gallops or at full tilt on the track.  Afterall, horses by origin are wild animals and despite their domestication those wild instincts remain intact, so what better way of getting them to feel at home than by recreating their natural environment?

Of course, the effect of these tranquil surroundings is nigh impossible to measure, although if it has a positive impact on just one horses’ wellbeing it has to be considered well worthwhile as a happy horse is far more likely to give of its best.

We don’t just stop at the woodland murals either; the skylights in the roofs of the stables are regularly cleaned and replaced to allow as much daylight as possible into each box.  Sunlight is an excellent source of Vitamin D which is vital to help the body absorb calcium and phosphate from the diet - minerals which are important for healthy bones, teeth and muscles.

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