NH Fixtures & Sales Dates

Wed Feb 20
Doncaster, Ludlow
Thu Feb 21
Huntingdon, Sedgefield
Fri Feb 22
Exeter, Warwick

Cheltenham Festival 2019

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Entries & Recent Form


Name Suzanne Lower
Job Title Stable Lass
Nicknames Ruthie
When did you start work at Pond House? 1989
Favourite Horses Run For Free, Shaking Hands
What would you be doing if you weren’t working here? Lying on a beach
Likes Eating & drinking with good friends, walking my dog
Dislikes Spiders, rude children, dirty sauce bottle tops
Any heroes/role models? Dad, mum & my sister who has the patience of a saint
Any superstitions? Magpies, ladders, spilling salt, the number 13
Hobbies Reading, walking, eating out, shopping, spending time with my daughter
Favourite films/television/music Film: Pretty Woman, Television: X Factor, Strictly Come Dancing
What three items would you take with you to a desert island? Vodka, a radio, my boyfriend
Dream holiday destination Barbados
Ambitions Live life to a ripe old age, be healthy and happy and not get fat!