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Name Vickie Gravett
Job Title Stable Lass/Work Rider
Nicknames Vic, Bic Bic
When did you start work at Pond House? December 2011
Favourite Horses Premier Dane, Too Generous, Master Overseer
What would you be doing if you weren’t working here? Looking for a job!
Likes Sunny days, chocolate, spending time with family & friends
Dislikes Cold wet days, lazy & rude people
Any heroes/role models? My parents
Any superstitions? I don't walk under ladders.  The volume of my television & stereos have to be set to even numbers!
Hobbies Shopping, point-to-pointing, chilling and spending time with my daughter Millie
Favourite films/television/music Film: Underworld, Snatch, Television: Eastenders, Emmerdale, Music: Any apart from classical!
What three items would you take with you to a desert island? My daughter Millie, a speed boat and a chef
Dream holiday destination To be the best mum I can be and for Millie to be happy and healthy
Ambitions To win the Champion Chase